New updates in Evicertia. 

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On this page you can check the new updates and functionalities of Evicertia.
You can download the PDF files to learn more about each of them. 


Date Service Description PDF Spanish PDF English
10-Mar-2022 EviSign Geolocation II.  Download PDF Dowload PDF
1-Mar-2022 EviSign Signature request forwarding (SMS). Download PDF Download PDF
28-Feb-2022 EviMail Copy mail.  Download PDF Download PDF
18-Feb-2022 EviSign Sistem of reminders.  Download PDF Download PDF 
8-Feb-2022 EviSign Sending PINs via WhatsApp to sign documents.  Download PDF Download PDF
2-Feb-2022 EviSign Signature on the document (GSD).  Download PDF Download PDF
14-Dec-2021 General Password policy. Download PDF  
30-Nov-2021 General New language supported: Italian.  Download PDF  
20-Oct-2021 EviNotice New refuse function.  Download PDF  
15-Sep-2021 General Language update; New languages supported.  Download PDF  
7-Sep-2021 General Optimization of consultations via web services. Download PDF  
9-Jul-2021 EviSign Geolocation.  Download PDF  
26-May-2021 EviSign New function: "Voice PIN".  Download PDF  
11-May-2021 General Change of corporate name.  Download PDF  
23-Mar-2021 EviSign Extended notifications to interested parties. Download PDF  
11-Mar-2021 EviSign Order of signatories.  Download PDF