Digital Identification

Certified Onboarding

What is it?

It is a service by which a person can be identified at a distance, validating the identity document shown (ID, passport, driving license…) and comparing the image of such document with the image of the person who is performing the process of identification using the cell camera or the webcam.

What is it for?

It is especially indicated for non-face identification processes in financial institutions, insurance companies… The process is in accordance with the regulations of SEPBLAC and BdE (Banco de España). It is also appropriate to complete life-time proceedings in annuities or any other process where it is necessary to identify a person at a distance as if they were physically present.

How does it work?

The user shows their identity document to the cell camera or webcam. Then, a video of the applicant is captured. A document validation and facial matching are performed, generating a feasibility report based on the validity of the document and its similarity with the user. If necessary, all the evidence generated for manual validation is sent to a physical agent. Evicertia certifies all the evidence generated in the process.

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