Fondo móvil 2-2 Digital identification
Fondo móvil 2-2 Digital identification
Fully reliable identification service

Digital Identification

It is a service by which a person can be identified at a distance, validating the identity document shown (ID, passport, driving license…) and comparing the image of such document with the image of the person who is performing the process of identification using the cell camera or the webcam.

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Is it easy for users to use digital identification?

Evicertia certifies all evidence generated in the process.

Advantages of our Digital ID solution


Reliable: The service provides all kinds of guarantees that allow traceability of the service. 
Fast: Instant validation of the ID document relationship and video capture even manual sanction by the agent
Economical: Eliminates costs costs of personnel, paper, ..., etc.
Practical: Allows identification to be performed in self-service mode 
Ecological: Reduces paper consumption
Anti-fraud: Prevents identity theft

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