Fondo móvil 2-2 Electronic signature
Fondo móvil 2-2 Electronic signature
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Electronic Signature

Evicertia allows the signing of any electronic document in a non-face-to-face way, between one or more people, from any device or through the Internet without the need to install any additional software. The user uploads the document to be signed on the platform and sends it to the signatories by e-mail or SMS. The signatories can accept or reject it with a click and Evicertia is responsible for putting it on the record and giving legal value.

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Is the electronic signature useful?

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Is the electronic signature easy to use?

Tailor-made EviSign 

EviSign is designed to adapt to the needs of our customers, developing each process according to the requirements of each particular case.


Includes reviewers and notified 

Adds new features to the signing process:

The reviewer can validate that the document is in order before the signatories receive it.

The notified party will receive updates on the status of the signing process. 


Choose the signature method

For the document to be signed with advanced electronic signature. 

Pin to mobile, to email or WhatsApp, Challenge question/answer, digitized signature or a simple click. 

All this so that each process is adapted to the needs of security and usability.

Automatiza los procesos

Use EviBot, our chatbot that helps identify the signer and automate signing processes. 

You can try EviBot here.



Automates processes

Customize the way signers and reviewers enter the signing process. Supports serial, parallel or a combination of both.


Advantages of our e-Signature solution


Reliable: Secure your communications and shipments
Fast: Instant document submission and signature process takes less than 2 minutes
Economical: Eliminates paper paper, personnel and time costs
Practical: Simplifies preparation and distribution
Ecological: Reduces paper consumption

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