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Evicertia offers certification services to companies and organizations. We assume the role Trusted Service Provider, according to the requirements of the European and Latin American applicable regulations on electronic e-commerce and electronic signature.


Our Services


Electronic Signature

Contracts, agreements and consents. From any device and with multiple signature modes.

Comunicación-certificada copia

Certified Communications

E-mail, SMS, service with proof of receipt. Electronic or postal delivery.

Icono identificacion digital 1-1 copia

Digital Identification

From any device. Identification of identity document and facial matching. SEPBLAC Compliance.

igncono certificacion electronica copia

Electronic Certification

All electronic events of your entity certified and guarded.

Ours accreditations and certifications

Evicertia, is a Qualified Trusted Electronic Services Provider which, with its certification platform, is qualified to operate as such according to the following regulations to the eIDAS regulation


capas presencia internacional-sola copia capas presencia internacional-sola copia

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