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The path to adopting a paperless culture

Learn about our principles and practices as an environmentally conscious company that values the environment and brings improvements through electronic communications and digital signatures.

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The positive impact of our

sustainable solutions 

You can help create a cleaner, greener future by using a sustainable business strategy to boost your brand reputation, save costs, increase productivity and much more.

We are very proud of our commitment to being a company that helps the environment.

Together we can make a big difference.


Discover what paperless culture is about

What is paperless culture?

The environmental and organizational requirements of companies have given rise to a worldwide trend known as "Paperless". Its objective is to change the way paper is handled in a company in order to reduce its consumption, and this is achieved by making a significant commitment to the digitalization of companies and their processes.

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Discover how we put our action policies into action

In addition to our commitment to our customers, we are committed to the environment.

In our offices we apply a series of policies to promote recycling actions, waste separation, reduction of energy consumption, promoting a healthy lifestyle, etc.

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How do we contribute to taking care of the environment?


Paper reduction
Using fewer leaves generates less waste and therefore less pollution, as well as avoiding the need to cut down trees. Thus, we have a beneficial environmental impact.
Limiting the consumption of natural resources
As each kilogram of paper is equivalent to more than 200 liters of water, it also reduces the need to cut down trees and conserves energy and water during the creation of the paper.
Reduction of waste disposal
Disposable ink, toner and other printing supplies help the digital revolution minimize the amount of chemicals needed in printers.
Carbon footprint control
By avoiding unnecessary travel, the adoption of digital communications and digital signatures reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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